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I don't really know if Isaiah was happy to know their would be competition for our attention, but every since his baby brother came home he has loved him to pieces.  Now sometimes his loving can be a little rough, but he does love him just the same.
I remember the first time Isaiah saw his brother he really didn't understand because Isaac was in the NICU with IV's hooked up to him but he leaned over and gave him a kiss.  The second time he saw Isaac it was in the graduate nursery and once again he gave him a kiss but he was more interested in exploring the hospital corridors.  It was somewhat difficult to keep a 2 year old in his brother's hospital room, but thankfully there were enough adventures to explore in the hallways of the hospital.
I will never forget the first time we brought Isaac home, Isaiah just wanted to hold him tight.  It was so difficult when 2 days later Isaac was re-admitted to the hospital and Isaiah would ran to his bassinet at home and say "Where's baby".  How can you explain to a 2 year old what was going on?  It was such a stressful time for our first born.  My husband or I would be at the hospital for hours or days, you just lose track of time, so Isaiah did feel the stress.
After 3 more weeks of being in the hospital Isaac came back home and I could see the happiness on Isaiah's face, he truly loves his brother.  It took all we had to keep him from crawling into the bassinet with his baby brother.
As the months have flown by they continue to be friends, but like any other boys they do have their rough play.  I will always worry for Isaac, but I know that we can not treat him like a procelain doll and we have to let them play.
My hope is that they will always be the best of friends.  I know that Isaac will probably need help along the way and I know in my heart that his big brother will always be there for him.
Written April 2005