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Isaac was born February 2, 2004 at 8:01 a.m. at North Suburban Hospital in Thornton, Colorado.
Every parent wishes for a healthy baby, but it was not meant to be for our son Isaac.  During one of the ultrasounds I had they discover that I had a single artery umbilical cord.  At this time we were told that there was a possiblity of some lower intestinal problems but there was never a word about VACTERL or VATER.  We would just have to wait and see what was to be for our son.
When our son was born it was discovered that he had an imperforated anus (no anus opening).  He was transferred to Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center (P/SL) for further evaluation and to perform surgery to repair his imperforated anus.
On his 2nd day in this world he underwent surgery to put a colostomy bag on and to explore what work was needed to repair his anus.  During the surgery it was discovered that not much was needed.  Therefore, it was repaired at the same time.
After the surgery, the specialists at P/SL began their testing to determine what other abnormalities our son had.
The following are the areas of anomalies for our son:
V     There are 3 places in his spine where the vertebrae
        are abnormal.  He has a blocked vertebrae in his neck
        and one in the middle of his back.  He has an extra
        vertebrae in his lower back and an extra rib on his left
        side.  He is also at risk to develop scoliosis and tethered
        spinal cord.
A     He was born with an imperforated anus, they repaired
        this and he had colostomy bag on for 3 weeks.  The
        doctors felt that the bag was causing more problems
        then helping, so it was removed.  He did not stool on his
        own for 7 months, so we had to do daily irrigations for
        him until September 2004.
C     He had a tiny PDA and small ASD in his heart but both
        cleared up within the first few weeks.  He also has a
        minor leak in the mitral valve of his heart.  They are hoping
        that this will clear up on its own.
T     He does not have any trachea issues.
E     He does not have any esophagus issues.
R     He has both kidneys but they are fused together (crossed
        fused kidneys) on his left side.  The right is smaller than
        the left one, but they both work.  In September 2004 my
        son had a successful surgery to repair a reflux from
        the bladder back into his kidneys.
L     He does not have any limb issues.
The following is a list of some of the surgeries and procedures that Isaac has had:
2/3/04 - Surgery to perform the pull-through and to put a colostomy bag on.  They also repaired his imperforated anus.
2/23/04 - Take down, removal of colostomy bag.
3/30/04 - Surgery to repair 3 hernias.
9/21/04 - Surgery to repair his reflux of urine from bladder to kidneys.(Grade 4 VUR).
9/19/05 - Surgery to fuse vertebrae in his neck and be placed in a halo brace.
These are the major surgeries that our son has had.  He has had several X-rays, renal ultrasounds, MRI's, barium enemas with ultrasounds, and dilation while under anesthesia.
We know that there will more surgeries, procedures and tests in Isaac's future but we will always hope and pray that our son will emerge stronger.
Written April 2005